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Creative Design—LED Light the Outer Space

The Moon LED Lighting—Holding in Your Hands

Beautiful moon has always been a favorite of the scholars. In all ages, they imagine to pick off the moon then hold it in their hands. This moon LED lighting make scholars’ dream come true, it is as beautiful as LED crescent moon light. Particularly, this moon LED lighting is handy, you can hold it in your hand, and it will be a precious love present for your lover.

This moon LED light is designed by Japanese designer Nosigner, adopts the accurate three-dimensional data of the moon goddess returned by the Japanese lunar exploration. Then create the perfect shell of accurate lunar model, and there is a LED light bulb in the shell. This LED light bulb makes the moon model light entirely without hidden corner. It looks gorgeous when it light, just like a big legendary luminous pearl.

Rotating Powered Globe LED Lamp

In our childhood, when we met the globe, we were rotating them. Now the new Globe LED lamp will meet your need. Just rotated it, and enjoyed it. Part power of this Globe LED lamp comes from the spinning. The lampshade is spherical translucent PC; there is a LED Light bulb in it. And there is a generator on the spindle which converts the spinning into the power, it makes full use of human curiosity and human power, not only illuminating the room, but also help to remit the tiresome of reading.

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