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Color Control in LED Lighting Applications

Besides is rich in colors and having a good color rendering, the LED has another advantage that it can be easily controlled dynamically. Generally speaking, it is difficult for traditional luminaires to adjust their colors and temperatures. Thus in order to achieve dynamic illumination in different situation, lots of luminaires should be used.

LED Color Temperature Selection in Road Lighting

At present, because light extraction efficiency of high power LED with neutral white light or cool white light is generally higher than that with warm white light, most LED road lights adopt an LED with neutral white light or cool white light as their light sources. However, citizens in some cities report that after replacing the traditional high pressure sodium lamps with LED lamps, the road illuminance improves but it is dusky as a whole and makes people feel oppressive and lonely.

Colorful LED Applications in Water Cube of Beijing 2008 Olympic Games

The color of the Beijing Olympic National Aquatiecs Centre, or the Water Cube, is controlled by colorful LED lightings. It is an architecture with blue, symbolizing water, as its essential tone. However, if blue is added to red which symbolizes fire, the beauty of water will be enhanced by combining the contradictory unity of water and fire.

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