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Advanced LED Lighting Solution

One can barely neglect the change from incandescent bulbs to compact fluorescent lights. Perhaps very essential is the growth and development ofLED lighting which is less hazardous for the environment and considerably less expensive over the life of the bulb.

Investigation funded by the US Army Research office has learned a way to improve both lighting and stability. A completely new technology, developed in North Carolina, lessens the defects in the film substantially. Additionally, the new film enables the diodes to produce more lighting- up to twice as much.

The Future Looks Bright
This invention is expected to help trim down the price of LED lighting in the next 5 years. By strengthening production, waste will be diminished; less waste equals greater potential profitfor fewer supplies, and a commensurate reduction of cost.

Looking at the Overall Costs
Once you consider the price of a light fixture you have to consider bulbs and electrical power. Wearing down the expense of incandescent light bulbs, CFL bulbs and LED bulbs, you obtain the following analysis, based upon an anticipated cost per KWh at $0.13 - the nationwide average. Expecting 6 hours of service daily for a single 60 watt bulb or its counterpart and estimating 60,000 total hours of use, and an acceptable lifespan for a LED lighting, the numbers are as follows. 

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