My View on LED Fluorescent Lamp (1)


LED Fluorescent lamp uses CREE and AOD super high brightness LED as light source, the shell of LED Fluorescent lamp is made of Acrylic / aluminum alloy (customer defined). The out cover can be made of PC Tube, it can stand the high temperature of 135 degree. LED Fluorescent lamp is the same to the traditional fluorescent lamp in the shape dimensions and caliber. The length of it includes 60cm, 120cm, 150cm. The power contains 10W, 16W, and 20W. LED Fluorescent lamp has significant advantage in energy-saving and environmental protection than the traditional fluorescent lamp.    LED Fluorescent lamp has high photosynthetic efficiency, a 10W LED fluorescent lamp has a higher brightness even than a 40 w traditional fluorescent lamp,a 16W LED fluorescent light is more brighter than a 64W traditional fluorescent lamp, LED light appears more soft and make it particularly easy for people to feel. LED fluorescent lamp’s service life 5 million or more hours, power supply voltage is AC85V – for 260V (ac), no need of electric fluorescent starter or ballast, start-up quickly, power is small, no stroboflash, not easy to get visual fatigue. LED fluorescent lamp is not only has significant performence in energy saving but also does more in environmental protection, which is one of the key development of products of the National green energy-conserving lighting project,also the most ideal products currently replacing the traditional fluorescent lamp. 

LED fluorescent lamp is easy to instal, it contains two kinds of power supply: inner  power supply and outer power supply,LED  fluorescent lamp can save up power more than 80%, its service life is over 10 times of the traditionnal fluorescent lamp. LED fluorescent lamp is almostly free of mentainance, there is no need to change the tube electric fluorescent starter or ballast. LED fluorescent lamp uses  a green and environmental protection semiconductor electric light source, the light is soft, light spectrum is more pure,is helpful to the vision protection and health of the workers.LED fluorescent lamp is durable steady and strong,can work a long time. LED fluorescent lamp has no bad influence to its surrounding environment. Without ultraviolet and infrared light or harmful material as mercury (Hg) and noise.  Anti-seismic fearture is excellent, is convenient for transportation.

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